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Kilimanjaro - Day 2 - Machame Camp to Shira Camp

Left Machame Camp (9,840ft) at 6:30am for another great day of hiking. On your second day, you will likely break through both the tree line and the cloud line, depending on the weather. This is a very interesting transition to physically walk through, as the landscape changes from trees to shrubs within the span of a quarter mile and suddenly you feel as though you are on another planet.

The trail can become quite slippery in some places due to the moss that grows virtually everywhere in this transition microclimate, so take care and use your poles if you have them. We camped at Shira Campsite at 12,450ft.

I still felt fantastic at this point, however, some individuals in my group were beginning to feel the altitude, so be sure to take it slow and breathe. Another great tip I can offer is to be sure to look at the stars at night, no matter how tired you may be. There is very little light pollution and the view is incredible.