Data Use & Privacy

Short Version / TLDR

  • I use the email you provide to send you things I write about, that is it.
  • I do not sell your data. I may ask for your feedback or use analytics tools to improve the user experience on occasion, but your feedback is voluntary and in no way required to use the site.

How This Site Uses Your Data

Simply, I will only use data you supply for the reasons you supply it, examples include, but are not limited to:

  • By creating an account and providing your email address, I will send you emails in the future based on the content you've chosen to receive.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time in the footer of each email.
  • Occasionally, I may contact you to gather feedback or ask questions regarding your use of the site.
  • By emailing me from the About Me & Contact page, I will receive the information you send me and respond accordingly.

Content & Warranty

  • All content is provided AS IS, with no warranty or guarantee of results of any kind, either express or implied.
  • While I make every effort to ensure the information delivered is timely, accurate, and helpful, it may contain errors or omissions.
  • All content rights are reserved. If you would like to use or reproduce any content on this site, please contact me first. Utilizing the content on this site for the training of machine learning or language models or any AI system is prohibited.
  • All content that is linked to on external sites remains the property of each site's respective owners.

Technology Utilized & Log Files

While I take every precaution to maintain the security and technical stability of this site, as with most technology, there is no guarantee that it will operate error free.

In addition, I may utilize either built in or third party analytics tools to improve the user experience over time. If I do, they will be listed below and I will make every attempt to gather the minimum information required.

As with most technology platforms, customary log information is kept by Ghost as well as the other platforms listed below. If I have control of this log information, it is only utilized to improve your experience. If I don't, it may be kept by the respective third party and handled according to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I have made every effort to minimize the data footprint capture by third parties.

This site runs on the Ghost publishing platform (which itself collects data on your interaction with the site and emails you receive) , with the following integrations currently enabled and utilized:

  • Ghost-Provided Google Amp Integration - Generates Google-Amp compliant pages. You'll typically only see these if you browse via a mobile device or low-bandwidth connection.
  • Ghost-Provided Unsplash Image Integration - Provides Unsplash images throughout the site.

How This Site Does Not Use Your Data

  • I do not sell any information to any third party of any kind.
  • I do not promote this site with advertisements of any kind and therefore never use your information to advertise to you in any shape or form.


If you have any questions regarding how your data is used, please don't hesitate to send me a note. I'd be happy to answer them.

Last Updated: November 2023