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Biodiesel Golf Cart

The finished Biodiesel Golf Cart

Summary & Use Case

The Biodiesel Golf Cart Project was focused on powering several golf carts on campus with Biodiesel fuel. At the time, this required a complete re-construction of the golf cart with a brand new compatible engine.

Timeline, Status, and Role

  • Throughout 2006 & 2007
  • Co-Project Lead - Wrote & Received Grant, Rebuilt Golf Cart with Assistance from our Project Mentor
  • Status - Completed

Project Description

The Biodiesel Golf Cart was a project designed to reduce gasoline usage on campus as well as pilot a new type of more sustainable fuel.

Along with a peer, I wrote, applied for, and successfully received my first $5,000 grant from SRP, one of Arizona's electric utility providers. This seed funding was nearly enough to cover the entire cost of the project, from purchasing a very used golf cart to a new engine.

The project consisted of months of work rebuilding the golf cart with a new engine, new paint, and new parts throughout.

This project would never have been possible without SRP's grant or our engineering mentor at the time who provided his weekends as well as his full auto-body shop to us free of charge.

Media - Photos

Yes - You get to see pictures of me in high school. The power of technology :)

Rebuilding the Golf Cart

Coachella / Global Inheritance Alternative Fuel Golf Cart Exhibit