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Cohortify - A Better Way to Measure Churn

Summary & Use Case

Cohortify.com was a proof of concept created to assist in analyzing SaaS cohort data that came in XLS formats that had rows of customers and columns of revenue by period (year, month, day).

Timeline, Status, and Role

Co-Created throughout 2016 with Charlie Fierro. Project is no longer active.

Project Description

The data format that is typically exported by most financial reporting packages is not conducive to cohort analysis. Given a file in a specific approximate format (Sample File Below), Cohortify would convert the time series data to cohorts, and produce the following data sets, which could easily generate a full report (Sample Output Report Below).

At the time, I was working at Banneker Partners and there were a number of companies that we reviewed for investment that didn't have the present-day analytics packages operational. This required me to manually create these files and analyses one by one, each being extremely time consuming. The project was born of a need to quickly analyze churn data which I believe is one of the most important data sets for any business.

Screenshots & Sample Files

  • Sample File - Used for Import
  • Sample Report - Cohortify Output