Co-Creator, 2016 was a proof of concept created to assist in analyzing SaaS cohort data that came in XLS formats that had rows of customers and columns of revenue by period (year, month, day). This data format that is typically exported by most financial reporting packages is not conducive to cohort analysis. Given a file in a specific approximate format (Sample File), Cohortify would convert the time series data to cohorts, and produce the following data sets, which could easily generate a full report (Sample Report):

While no longer active, Cohortify was a Proof of Concept built on the weekends by myself and Charlie Fierro.

Co-Founder & VP of Engineering, 2015 allowed prospective roommates to search thousands of the latest apartment listings that are compatible with their groups' selection preferences (move in date, price range, location, and amenities). RoomHunt also provided landlords with a comprehensive suite of tools to screen applicants, collect credit scores, and handle monthly payments if desired. RoomHunt was acquired in 2015 by RentLingo, an apartment review and aggregation site (Techcrunch Link) (PDF). 

RoomHunt was built by myself, David Weisburd and Akshay Kumar.

Co-Founder & CTO, 2012 is an online college decision delivery platform that notifies students of their admission decisions instantaneously via the web, email, and text/SMS anywhere with a data connection. Common Decision provides colleges with a Decision as a Service (DaaS) platform that delivers decisions to students at a dramatically lower cost, on any chosen device, with no downtime in peak demand periods. Common Decision makes delivering thousands of decisions extraordinarily easy by allowing college administrators to upload a CSV/Excel file with student decisions and select a release date and time. Decisions are automatically sent out and students can respond instantly to their offers of admission or if they would like to claim a spot on the waitlist.

Front End Lead (2011-2012) is an online peer-to-peer college services platform that allows prospective college applicants to receive admissions advice specific to the institutions to which they are applying by speaking with current college students. Mentors on the platform receive competitive compensation to provide their honest feedback regarding college admission essays, the chances of an applicant being accepted, and any other aspect of the college which they attend to prospective applicants. Applicants can obtain uncensored and honest information about the colleges to which they are applying at a fraction of the cost at a time of their choosing.

Co-Founder, Head of Product & Front End Lead (2009-2010) is an online Facebook enabled community service platform designed to better connect volunteers with their service organizations. Volunteers can log hours, see where friends have volunteered, and post content from service activities. Organizations can verify volunteer hours, moderate a beautiful web presence, and present donors with accurate information regarding receipts and service performed.