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SiCA 2011 Photography Roundup

Throughout the past year, I have been working as a photographer for SiCA, Stanford's Institute for the Creative Arts. It has been a blast and I have seen some great performances. Without further ado, I finally got a chance to upload all of my photos from the year. I have included links from SiCA's website if they have been uploaded there as well. Take a look and enjoy!

Stanford 2011 Earth Day Celebration

Mozart's Seven Deadly Sins

DIY Musical Tailgate Party

Victor Gama Performance November 2010

SiCA Link

Jerry Growtowski & Allen Ginsberg Performance

SiCA Arts Party November 2010

Stanford's Sea People

Stanford's Nimbleweed

Stanford Cantor Arts Center Party on the Edge 2010

Not sure if I have posted about this yet, but I was hired by SiCa (Stanford Institute for the Creative Arts) to take pictures of arts events all around campus this year. Basically, I get paid to go to events that I would have loved to go to anyway! Its a pretty sweet gig.

Anyway, the first event that I was on staff for was the Cantor Arts Center Party on the Edge, which is basically a campus wide gathering of student arts groups that show off all of their work. It  was really incredible and it was a blast to photograph. Take a look at the slideshow below or click through to my photo site to see all of the photos.

On a side note, I will probably not get a chance to post my hiking guides until at least Thanksgiving Break. If not then, they will be up over winter break. Until the next SiCa Event!