photo internship

North Cascades National Park Photography Internship

Over the past six weeks I have been in North Cascades National Park as a photography intern there. It was a blast and it allowed me to give a little back to the National Park Service which has done so much for me in the past year. I hiked over 100 miles of the trails in the park and will hopefully be putting up some trail guides in the (near?) future if Stanford doesn't get in the way. Those darn classes. I shot everything from black bears to the Cascades Climate Change youth group. I had perfect weather about 90% of the time and you can't really get much better than that in the Cascades. 

While I don't have any trail guides ready for the web right now, I do have plenty of photography. You can check 'em out on the parks official flickr site here or on my website here, same photos either way. Here is a little taste of the North Cascades.