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PCDS Earth Day 2009 - Preview

A quick post on the Earth Day festivities that will be occurring tomorrow at my high school, Phoenix Country Day School. Pictures and a more thorough post to follow after the event tomorrow.

Over the past year, the Green Team and I have been working extremely hard to make PCDS's 2009 Earth Day Celebration a success, and it appears it will be a fantastic event tomorrow. We will be hosting over a dozen exhibitors, including the Sierra Club, Whole Foods, American Solar, Corgan Geothermal, SRP, among many more. Hundreds of students will partake in the many activities offered.

We will hopefully be featured on the morning show of 12 News, so take a look. It will be an early morning for the PCDS Green Team to be sure!

In addition, the event has already been featured in the Paradise Valley Independent, and can be found, scanned, below.