My Adventure With Shadowbox, HTML Tables, and Scribd Documents (Part 1 of 3)

Yesterday afternoon, I started experimenting with Shadowbox.js in the hopes of replicating the DocShots feature that DocStoc has implemented here.

I really liked the fact that the documents could be embedded and load quickly without taking up too much actual page space, unlike the Scribd documents I currently have all over the site, which take up way to much room, and can slow page loads dramatically.

And so my adventure with Shadowbox.js began. I started out by searching the SquareSpace forums (My site is currently hosted at SquareSpace, one of the best hosting/blogging platforms I have found so far.) for anyone who had already installed Shadowbox on the SquareSpace platform, and to my pleasant surprise, someone had.

They had written up a tutorial that undoubtedly saved me hours of figuring out how to install Shadowbox on my own.

Take a look at Part 2 to find out how I ended up creating my own version of DocShots.

Take a look at Part 3 to find out how I finally figured out how to create a gallery with Shadowbox and HTML tables. 

The only reason I broke this post in to three parts is because it would have been way too long as one post.