A Brief Blurb About Yours Truly on Cal Newport's Blog Study Hacks

If you do not know about Cal Newport's fantastic blog Study Hacks, you should. It is a great resource for students and those simply looking to get more done in less time with less stress.

I was interviewed a couple of weeks back for his new book, and he was kind enough to mention me in a post on his website.

Take a read:

Consider, for example, Michael. As a high school student in Arizona he focused his attention on a series of projects involving sustainability. He didn’t do them all at once, but, instead, one after the other, each building on the last. During his junior year, he took only 1 AP course. He participated in no other extracurricular activities. His schedule was so flexible that he adopted the habit of going on a 1 - 2 hour hike, immediately following school, four days out of five every week.

Be sure to click on and read the full post.

I don't want to ruin the surprises in my interview, but suffice it to say, his book will be worth reading. Not only for my story, but for all of the other amazing student's stories as well. Thanks again for the opportunity Cal.

Also, feel free to check out both of his books that are already out, and help me and him pay the bills at the same time. They are incredibly useful.