Coachella 2009 - More Videos!

I have finally gotten around to tagging and uploading all of my Coachella concert videos to my youtube account. There are a total of 12 new videos, most of which are of Paul McCartney's concert, but I also have uploaded a few of M.I.A, The Killers, and the Hand of Man, a robotic hand art exhibit at Coachella.  I will be posting the videos in groups so that these posts don't become too lengthy.

The first two, The Killers playing Somebody Told Me and The Hand of Man, are embedded below.

M.I.A playing Paper Planes, Galang, and a video of her on stage dance party will be up on Saturday.

Paul McCartney and his amazing concert including Back in the USSR, Blackbird, Get Back, Lady Madonna, Let It Be, my favorite Live and Let Die, Hey Jude, and his closing song Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Be sure to watch all videos in high quality. Enjoy!